Snow Storm

Winter Frost on Window

Winter Frost on Window

We recently had another, ANOTHER storm. Let’s see, was it rain or…because we’ve had a rain storm, a downpour from hell, since our last snow storm. I think.

The last snow storm started at four a.m. and ended at seven p.m. and snowed all day, limply. Small flakes drifted from the sky as though they were tired, each and every one of them. They collected, barely. There never seemed to be much snow on the ground because it was plowed often but the paper said fourteen inches.

The real storm, blizzard Sandy–no, that was the hurricane in the Fall. The real storm was serious–the flakes fell with vigor and purpose. “We are here to give you too much snow,” they said. And they did: twenty-two inches. Real snow, not limp little things, barely making a mound.

So–give me a real…No! No more storms. Please?


4 thoughts on “Snow Storm

  1. Love this, Elinor. I’ve always thought if it had to snow, make it a big one. So we could miss school and work, shovel, play, bake and have cocoa. Every now and then — but not too often! — a big ol’ blizzard is great — at least at first.

  2. I liked this musing about the storms very much, especially how they blended into each other and got confused and how, if we have to have a storm it should be a good one.

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