Introduction to The Beast’s Darling

Read this if you need some help to get you started in my romance novel.

Esther Beryll is a widow and lives in a small house in London with her friend, Alma Nelson, who is a sort-of widow. They are visiting the home of the Dunphy’s, John and Kay while John is away on a hunting trip with friends. He and his friends return to the Dunphy’s manor because they could find no good hunting where they were.

His friends are Viscount Ailesorth, the Earl Of Drummond, Viscount de Sable and the Earl of Colebrook. All are single and Ailesworth and Drummond are close friends of John Dunphy even though Dunphy spends no time in London. He and Kay prefer living in the country.

Kay Dunphy and Esther are childhood friends and Esther comes for visit usually when John is on a hunting trip. Before this visit, Esther had never met Ailesworth, Drummond or de Sable.

The novel opens with Ailesworth climbing into Esther’s bedroom with the help of some strong ivy vines.


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