Rock Barra Retreat

Ah! to be back in hippie-land! A land of tall grass and mosquitoes, Celtic stone circles and a compost toilet. Funny, I was never attracted to that life. Perhaps because I’ve had to live that life more than once- the non-plumbing bit. Also the grass and mosquitoes part; in fact; in fact I’m living the mosquito bit now.

Lovely PEI, the country-side is gorgeous, but the bugs do bite. Besides mosquitoes, there’s gnats or flies as the locals call them. Big lumps on your neck near your hairline and they love new blood. People new to the island seem to get bitten again and again.

The Retreat is our neighbor here in PEI and is for artists and songwriters. The house they have is the house used in a film made here on PEI starring Daniel Day Lewis. Something about a rose. Concerts are held here and visitors are welcome on weekends.

And, by the way, they have one of the most beautiful beaches in miles.


1 thought on “Rock Barra Retreat

  1. Happy to hear from you. The mosquitoes sound dreadful. It reminds me of the month Vic and I spent living in Florence with now screens on the windows. Vic wasn’t bothered but I had big red lumps all over my body and they itched like hell!

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