My Gallstones

Do you think it weird to have a plastic pill bottle full of your gallstones in your bathroom cabinet? After I had my gall bladder out forty years ago, I wanted to see what caused the trouble.  What is so creepy about gallstones is that the are greasy. And they aren’t really stones, but made of…


After my operation, some friends stopped by to see how I was doing. Proud of my cleverness, I showed them my gallstones.

Elinor! How could you do that! That’s something my grandmother would do, a friend said, relegating me to the ancient grannies.

I was demolished. Not that I let on that I was anything but pleased with my medical decision.

I forgot them after that until the day I cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. they had crumbled to small pieces. Disgusting. I threw them away.


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