If I see a sweet…

I have to eat it. It’s a kind of magnet, an eye-see, hand-do kind of thing. Just suppose I was one of those sex-o-maniacs! See-a-guy, put-my-hand-on-‘im. Or a drinks kind of person.

Wait–I was a drinks person. Gave it up. so why not give up the candy, the peanut butter chocolate pie, the Chocolate-covered raisins? (Covered with dark chocolate–very healthy.)

See–that’s the trouble–dark chocolate is good for me. Also red wine. But one leads to another; in particular the glass of wine leads to a few more.

No can do.

It’s difficult though. Dark chocolate and red wine are good for a person. I guess that person isn’t me.

But it’s funny. People see you with a candy bar and smile at you. They understand. If family and friends  saw me with a glass of wine…general confusion and worry. No. I’ll put it all behind me.



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