Cooking; or Not

Some people are happy only if they have a new recipe with new ingredients like frozen ginger leaves in a fusion of Arugela seeds and l’umphere cheese from the mountains of Northeastern Bulgaria. I’m proud of myself if I go to the trouble of opening the refrigerator to get some food out. Peanut butter, for example.

For then there is the question of what to do with it. Bread? Toast? Crackers? And jam–strawberry? blueberry? or without?

I actually sautéed some mushrooms yesterday, but I didn’t know what to do with them afterwards. So I put them in the freezer–the land of forgotten dreams. They were sitting out on the counter before I cooked them. Since I rarely cook, I’d forgotten that they dry out. Their outsides resisted my knives.

I used to keep my knives sharp with a sharpening stone my son bought for me from a Japanese knife store in Washington D.C.

If I get the sharpening stone out, that’ll postpone any cooking. Yes!


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