The Call of the Bernie Bird

On occasion, the call of the Bernie Bird is heard throughout our house. Although where  we live is called a cottage, I call it a house: a central living room and kitchen and two wings, each with bedroom and bath. and Bernie’s wing has a den with tv.

He’ll be in the den and I on my bed reading, resting when this loud cry is heard. Clearly heard.

It’s Bernie… sneezing. I’ve never heard such a loud sneeze, anywhere, any time. Hearing it from yards away (sometimes when my sliding door is closed) is notable. but hearing it next to my ear is….  I jump a foot, curse and glare at him.

He grins and prepares to do it again. I thrust my fingers in my ears and wait. There’s always another and, on occasion, a third.

Then I can relax. When or if he sneezes again…unknown.

I should make a recording, shouldn’t I, and play it back. Scare him, make him jump. Ha!


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