Making Up My Mind

It sounds easy, but until recently I found it hard. I used to fuss, back and forth, should I go to yoga or not. Should I eat that last piece of cake or not?  I’m tired but not very tired. I should go to yoga. But I’m tired.

The to-and-fro-ing made me tense, uneasy. I’d keep at it.

So I decided awhile back I’d very consciously make up my mind, based on what I knew, and keep it. Made up, I mean. It kept my mind off the last piece of cake.

It’s calming. I don’t feel my head snapping back and forth.

Cartoonists draw a good angel and a bad angel on our two shoulders. But it’s not that simple. It’s not like: shall  I have a drink or not, should I do a good deed or not. If I go to yoga I may be better afterwards and I might not. Depends.

Writing this little bit helped. It was a mind strengthening exercise.  Be firm, E. And no more talk about cake.



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