Happy Time

What a happy time! I finally decided to sew up my kitchen chair cushions. You see, I washed them in the washing machine and the inner foam cushion got all scrunged up. I knew that would probably happen but no miracle intervened and they were twisted.
So I cut through some stitches and put my hand in and flattened out the foam. OK Now they needed to be sewn up.
Long pause. (Maybe a week or two.)
I took today off. I was tired of doing things and EXERCISING my legs with SHACKLES (two pound weights around my ankles.) I drifted around, being bored with all my romance novels. So– I decided to get the worst job done: I threaded a needle with brown thread and began, really contented with myself. Within thirty seconds, my thimble fell off my middle finger and rolled across the carpet. I put on another. One minute later that was gone too.

But I got one cushion done. I found a needle threaded with pink thread. My cushion covers had no pink in them but they looked like pink, a pinkish tinge to them.

Done. And those cushions aren’t glowering at me any more.


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