The first time I used a face primer, I looked as though I’d been laid out in a coffin. I guess I used too much, two squirts of goo instead of one.
It was also too greasy. I put my hand on my cheek and everything slid off.

Primer– all I can think of is painting an old barn. But women seem to be crazy about them. Last year 1,000 new cosmetic products were introduced. I’m sure 95% of them were primers. Mine that I bought at CVS was $12. Another that I researched on the internet was $43.

What is their purpose, you ask? Just like a barn primer, they “prepare” your face for your foundation.
Wait a minute! You don’t put a primer on a foundation of cement or stone.
I’m confused.

Maybe I’ll just wait till I see a granddaughter and give it to her.


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