The Ferret

Do chickens sleep? Do they dream? What happens to chickens if they are deprived of sleep? And, most important, how do you deprive chickens of sleep?

I watched a DVD about sleep. Psychologists wanted to find out how chickens slept after being deprived of sleep.

Why, you ask. I guess because birds and mammals have REM sleep, dreaming sleep. And chickens are birds. Even though they are silly.

So- how do you deprive chickens of sleep? Luckily someone in the lab had a ferret. In a cage. Chickens: ditto. Place ferret cage near chicken cage and nobody gets any sleep.

But the ferret! Surely he had a nervous breakdown. Likely he lost all his fur.

And the chickens? I don’t want to think about how you measure chickens’ dreams.

All this learning at home is perhaps too stressful for me.
I’ll go lie down.


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