I’m beginning to drool. I catch myself putting on my makeup with my mouth hanging open and–yes, drooling.
I could call it saliva but– that’s perhaps the proper term when one is young, younger. At a certain age or condition, it’s just plain drooling.

By now, I’m sure political correctness had changed the name to something nicer: saliva malfunction, perhaps. Disability of the functions of the mouth. the longer, the better.

Like idiot. A favorite word of mine but not in favor now. It comes from Greek where it meant “a private person,” not a helpful one. In ancient Greece, one must be involved in public affairs to be considered worthy. The word idiocy dates to 1487 and was modeled on the word for prophet and prophecy. Someone a little touched, in other words.

So I’m not a drooling idiot. Just a prophet who communicates only to herself in her mirror.


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