I think about flossing: am I doing it enough, am I doing it the right way, did I do it today. I once asked my present dentist what was the worst thing people did to their teeth. He paused, thought and said: They brush the wrong way. The wrong way being across the teeth, not up and down.

I asked my former dentist what was the worst thing he’d ever seen (as a dentist). He said he once had a man who came in with all his teeth ground down to stubs.

Aiieee! So many questions: first, why did he wait so long to see a dentist? Did someone nag him? Did he just get dental care insurance? Did he decide to go on the stage–finally realizing his life’long dream?

Back to flossing. Do you floss your teeth if they are slowly disappearing
Ponder that and get back to me.


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