I have a new stove with a ceramic top. It’s like having a new baby in the house. Like a baby, it’s beautiful. But, like a baby, it’s hard to keep clean. I’m always wiping off spilled water–horrors! My water is full of minerals and chemicals. If I put my tea kettle on spots of water, I later have spots which require a special cleanser and hard rubbing.
A friend was using her ceramic stove quite happily–when polished, it’s lovely, until she found tiny spots of super-dried-on grease. On a regular stove, you just give it a wipe and the spots are gone. On a ceramic stove: cleanser, hard rubbing, repeat. And repeat. Ditto.
But I have to tell her that there’s a solution. I bought another ceramic stove last July at our summer house and the instructions say: use a razor blade at a 13 degree angle to remove baked-on spots.
Perfect for my friend. But what kind of tool is it? Surely I’ll find one in the hardware store.
And why did I buy another ceramic-topped stove?
Let me know what you think. Maybe you have an answer. I don’t. And don’t send me any baby pictures.


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