My Underwear…

is giving me advice. I always read instruction manuals, including ones that come on my underwear. Of course, I forget everything I’ve read but that’s all right. Even if I save the manual, I forget where I put it.
But this was a tag on my support bra. (You can say “bra” on the internet. Right?) I bought it yesterday and today carefully cut off the tags. Don’t you hate those nasty little plastic thingies that fall onto the rug and then you walk on them and they hurt like hell.
One tag was folded in half. Inside it said: “Suggested Sports: walking, Pilates, yoga.” This is the first time I’ve had a piece of underwear make a personal recommendation to me. What’s next? Underpant/s that whisper, Faster, Walk Faster? Or maybe a tee-shirt that declares Put on your Sun Block? Or a bra that says “Don’t wear this garment when it’s thundering.”
Besides, are walking or Pilates or yoga considered sports? Don’t sports require other people, teammates and such? And some serious action?
And the sports recommended by my bra came from a bra labeled “Medium,” medium referring to the level of difficulty of the sport. If Pilates is of medium level of difficulty, what is a low level of difficulties?
Do I have to go back and look?


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