My Fountain Pen

Why do I write with a fountain pen? I love the feel of it, the ink flowing onto the page. The white paper beneath. Cheap wide-lined paper with holes on the edge. College-lined is too narrow a line for my pen. I wonder–did I use wide-lined in college? Where did all my class notebooks go? Thrown away at the first opportunity, I imagine.
Staples is one of my favorite places–all that paper! All those pens! I usually restrain myself. But it’s a happy day when I can buy some post-it note pads. I used to buy razor point pens too. But now I
have to buy them online.
I used them for years. I used to be so careful of them, using them until their point disappeared. I should have rushed through them, indifferent to how many more days’ use I would have.

I left the fountain pen home last summer. I won’t do that again.


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