Cozy Friends

Having a blog is like always having a friend in my room. Anytime I want to talk to her, she’s there. It’s very cozy. Usually when I have something profound to say, there’s no one around. My husband’s hearing aids are often on the blink. And, besides, he’s not a female. It’s a woman I want to talk to.

For example, I just bought a CD of Frank Sinatra, “Sinatra with Love.” I love the songs and the way he sings them; each one a different interpretation. I particular love one called “Wave.” I don’t think I’ve heard it before. It’s a Latin rhythm. But it’s particularly a line in which he sings, “Don’t be afraid of loving me,” that somehow touches my heart. How many people are there who are afraid of loving another in a romantic way?

I often fall in love with a song, or a piece of a lyric. I love Brooks Benton’s “It’s Just a Matter of Time.” Or Jerome Kern’s song, sung by Margaret Whiting, “Poor Pierrot.” I can’t listen too often or one of those songs turns into a music worm. ? No, that’s not it. You know, when you can’t get a song out of your mind. Friend, i just need more music!


2 thoughts on “Cozy Friends

  1. About music, I feel like I missed all kinds of fun music since Willits only cared for classics, so now in my old age I ordered Art Garfunkle’s CD’s. I sit in the living room knitting and sinking into those old songs sang with that great, clear voice of his.

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