Having to Write Every Day

It has its charms, but also its horrors. But all the writers I read–those willing to comment on writing–say Yes! You (I) must do it. If you think you have nothing to write, sit and pick up your pen or turn the compter on. Bring up that blank sheet whichever way and go.
All those writers who advise you to do it say things like, “…human talent can only be developed through an expenditure of effort.” So says Jonah Lehrer, quoted in The Week, 4-16-12.

Even I gave that advice when I was interviewed by a local television station about All The Way Round, my book about caring for my parents.When asked what I would say to anyone who wanted to write, I said, “Put your bottom on a chair and do it.”

At any rate, I’ve filled my page, haven’t I? I do love to write with my fountain pen: heavy, but not too heavy, a lovely line of black ink on the page. Who knows, a beautiful Waterman’s pen might inspire you to write!


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