My Nose

I’ve got a red nose. A very very red nose. Is it the color of a strawberry. No, it’s more as though a strawberry is lit up from within, a bright red.
And the nose is covered with a band-aid. I don’t want to frighten small children and dogs.

My dermatologist told me to put on–five nights a week-a white liquid I squeeze through a pin hole from one of many packets of Imidquid… whatever. Six weeks I’ve been doing that. So that my poor nose looks like it has been set afire.
There’s a basal cell cancer there. That’s why the redness. I won’t provide the rest of the gory details.
Poor nose. All it did was sit in the sun, poking out from my face. I’ll take good care if it now. (Thought I was taking care of it before.)


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