A Surprise

Last week I went to Washington, D.C. and visited friends and family. It was a great trip; I saw my son and daughter-in-law, my granddaughter and my old friends. I’ve known my friends since the fifties when we all lived in Berkeley, California.
I played a little trick on them. Ten years ago I had a mastectomy. Most of the time since then I’ve been wearing sports bras for comfort. But recently I bought some new t-shirts from LL Bean in fresh spring-like colors. I didn’t want the black straps of the sports bras showing–ug! So I got out my old fake breast and the bra that goes with it and wore it to Washington.
Of course I expected some response, a start, a stare, a discrete question.
Hmmmm. And worst of all: nobody noticed that I’d lost a half pound or two.
Now they know it!


1 thought on “A Surprise

  1. I DID notice, Elinor! I thought you looked wonderful. But I was a) busy serving our guests and b) wasn’t sure if it was the kind of thing to mention in front of the group. “Hey, your boobs look terrific!” 😉 xoxo

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