My Underpant Goes to Summit *

I’m sad to say that instead of having one underpant (AKA “pair of underpants”) that was special, I now have four of them. So how can they (the four) be special?
They can’t. They aren’t.
Except for the salmon-colored one. It’s a mixture of yellow, orange and something else, rather sick-making.
I’ll go get it so you can see.
Oops! It’s a pale beige now with salmon-colored elastic…it must have been bleached. the elastic–still salmon color–glows in the dark.
The question is, as I travel on my Amtrak train to Newark, home of the brave, would I like to have the emergency medical people find this underpant on me as they drag me out of the train wreck?

Anyway, Amtrak never goes off the track–look at their name: Am-trak stands for “aim for the track.”
Anyway, I’ll probably take all four of my new underpants and never notice which one I’m wearing. How sad.

*See January


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