The Exterminator

Ants! already! And it is only May. But I’m lucky. I told the powers that be that I had ants and the next day the exterminator came. I’d already killed a bunch and pulled sugar and sweets out of the cupboard the ants had invaded. I saw some confectionery sugar but I thought ants were like pantry moths and wouldn’t eat any white stuff. Pantry moths won’t eat white sugar, white flour and white rice. No nutrition.
My mistake. I found them in the confectionery sugar.
I went to yoga leaving my husband to deal with the exterminator. When I came home I found he had been and sprayed the corners, etc. I opened the cupboard door expecting dead ant bodies. Instead I found ants running around, slowly.
I went into my frenzied ant-killing mode and killed as many as I could. Then I closed the door.
I’d deal with it later, like Scarlet O’Hara.
Later is today. I’ll go sit in the sun first, I think. Dr. Oz in Oprah says we can get 20 minutes of sun a day with no sunblock. Our body uses it for good things. Nice. To the deck for me.


2 thoughts on “The Exterminator

  1. I totally agree with Dr. Oz Elinor. 20 minutes a day gives you tons of Vitamin D and can even ward off depression. I know people who have used 40 minutes a day in the sun with better results than medication!

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