It’s hard to stay in a state of exhilaration for very long. Yesterday that was me. Everything was right: the sun was shining after days of gloom, the air was clean, I was well rested, I had my walk to look forward to. I felt good, at the very least, all day.
Now it’s Monday and the sun is shining again, but I just feel…normal. As a life-long depressive, sometimes when I fell normal, it feels down. So I say: Great! You’re fine, sun is out, you’re just being average and average is fine.
You know, don’t you, that everyone in the U.S. considers themselves above average? “How’s your driving?” “Good, yeah, ok.”
“Are you average, above average or below average?”
“Oh, above average. Better than that jerk, my brother-in-law.”
Come to think of it, average is probably un-American. I’d best throw this away.


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