Do you like manicures, the ones you do at home for yourself? Do you take the time to do them right and pamper yourself?
Or do you look at your lenghthening nails and snarl at them? That’s me. Why do they have to keep growing? Now take winter, winter is a good time to stop growing and take a rest. You’d think they’d like that–just a little white half-moon showing.
Where are my white half-moons? There are none on my nails. And my nails–like a washboard. If I cover them with clear polish the washboard effect disappears. They look elegant.
But then I have to take the polish off.
I’ve been using Vitamin E cuticle oil on them and they like that. Maybe they’ll be so happy with that, they’ll take a break and stop growing.
Over my shoulder, I can hear you: Elinor, if they stop growing, you’re dead.
There is that problem. Unless…they don’t keep growing do they, in the coffin?
No–only to bad people.
Not me.


2 thoughts on “Manicures

  1. The reaction from my grand daughter Amelia was; “Grandma!!! You painted your tow nails silver”, what horror. “At least I didn’t paint my little toes, they don’t show with my sandals on.”

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