Sleeping Again

The process of remodeling my sleep has taken longer than I thought it would and with way too much work.
I didn’t understand what it meant, to be over-medicated. I didn’t know I was, although once both my sleep doctors said it and talked of the half-life of meds, I began to understand. Once you’ve taken a med, it works and then, after a time, sometimes a long time, it fades from your body.
It’s the “fading away” time they were concerned with. I was taking 250 mg. of Trazadone and it never faded away before I took my next dose. Without knowing it, I was walking around each day with who knows how much Trazadone in me.
Trazadone was designed to work as an anti-depressant. But a therapeutic, i.e. effective dose, was around 250 mg a day. Unfortunately, the patients fell asleep. As a low dose, it is very good for some people as an aid to sleeping through the night. Note that: sleep through the night, not fall asleep.
As time passed, I kept demanding higher and higher doses of Trazadone. At least that’s what I think I did. And still I had trouble falling asleep. Before my new sleep regime, I felt the effects of all that medication in my body, but I thought I was tired because I had fibromyalgia. All my dopiness was fibromyalgia. I was tired all the time. Fibromyalgia again. Some mornings, I couldn’t take a walk or go to yoga class.

And now……. (to be continued)


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