No White Day Lily

Sorry, no white day lily this year. The plant I had my hopes on turned out to be a purple one. I searched beneath the fronds and found a plant that might be the white lily, but may just be an extension of one of the day lilies already blooming, a brilliant yellow one. The yellow and orange ones are tough: wide dark green fronds, sturdy stems and multiple buds. I’m always on the alert to make sure they don’t crowd out the more delicate ones of lavender and lavender mixed with other colors. It is hard work.
But now I have my daughter-in-law, Karen, to help me and we’ll rip out some of the yellow ones to save the lavender ones.
I wish you were here so I could give you the ones I rip out.


A White Day Lily

Yes, I have a white day lily or at least I did last year. It’s a kind of miracle plant. I bought it from Red Lane Gardens here in PEI and it blossomed a year or two and then it disappeared. It didn’t come up for a couple of years, so I thought it was gone.
Then we had men come to work on the house foundation and I had to move all the lilies I had next to the house. I did so. Last year the white day lily appeared! What kind of plant is this? I assumed that it would be delicate since to breed a white day lily would be difficult and it would make the plant rather fragile.
I still don’t understand how the tuber can stay alive and well in the ground and not put forth green fronds. Maybe it did but I thought they were from a new tuber from one of my other day lilies.
This year I have my eye on a day lily with only one stalk with buds on it. I’mm sure it’s the white day lily and eventually we’ll have fresh white blossoms. I hope before we leave.

A Really Big Size

One time I had a conversation wit my friend, Mollie. She said that if she asked her husband to get an item at the store, like mustard, he always brought home the smallest size. I said my husband brought home the largest size.
Recently he went to get some vaseline. I didn’t know they made one so big–industrial size. I’ve been trying to imagine who would buy it – besides him – and I can see the First Aid station in a factory where people often got scrapes on their arms. What do they make there? Something requiring sharp pebbles and pieces of gypsum.
Why don’t they wear gloves?
They do but it’s the arms that get scraped.
There, I’ve solved that.


Here in PEI, I made an appointment with my favorite hairdresser. Oh, how I needed a perm.
The first thing she said to me after Hi, was something about someone leaving, “and she took your card with her.” Every hairdresser keeps a record of each customer’s perm: date and kind of perm. My card had gone.
She washed my hair and started putting the rollers in. After I stopped chatting, I noticed a rather noticeable layer of dust on a nearby cart. Then I looked at the red wall in front of us. It was scarred: someone had removed papers from it and left ugly marks.
My eyes fell to the bottom shelf of the cabinet in front of me. Some old stuff someone had dropped there. On her desk were a pile of papers and odd things. Behind me were a couple of tables with magazines,newspapers and books of haircuts you could look at all piled carelessly.
The more I looked the more dust I saw. (It takes a lot of dust for me to notice.)
The perm was fine but she had no curlers in the shop. On Saturdays she worked in a manor (nursing home) where everyone wanted a shampoo and set. So did I! She used a curling iron on my hair but the pathetic curls didn’t last long in the heat and the breeze.
I still felt sorry for her, despite all. Until I got home and saw myself in the mirror. Caramba! I looked awful, as though I’d been abducted by aliens and they had tried to fix my hair.

What would you have done? Walk out, suggest she cleanup before the inspector came, refuse to tip her? What a softie I am: I gave her a big tip because I’d never see her again.

Now…back to Sleep

The effect of decreasing my Trazdone is that I no longer am so groggy at 8, 9pm.I’m able to stay awake till 10 or later. I feel more energetic.
But my bedtime is still a problem. Yesterday was hot and I felt exhausted at 8pm. I gave up and went to bed at 8:30.
Nope, got up and watched one of The Geological Wonders of the world (courtesy The Great Courses) on Siwa, an oasis in the Sahara, which is bigger now than the U>S> and Alaska combined. It’s growing. Then I went to sleep.
So–I’ve added a couple of hours to my day and live them more like an ordinary person. When my daughter came to visit a few weeks ago, I stayed up till 10:30, then fell asleep fine. Is there a social life for me in the future?