Now…back to Sleep

The effect of decreasing my Trazdone is that I no longer am so groggy at 8, 9pm.I’m able to stay awake till 10 or later. I feel more energetic.
But my bedtime is still a problem. Yesterday was hot and I felt exhausted at 8pm. I gave up and went to bed at 8:30.
Nope, got up and watched one of The Geological Wonders of the world (courtesy The Great Courses) on Siwa, an oasis in the Sahara, which is bigger now than the U>S> and Alaska combined. It’s growing. Then I went to sleep.
So–I’ve added a couple of hours to my day and live them more like an ordinary person. When my daughter came to visit a few weeks ago, I stayed up till 10:30, then fell asleep fine. Is there a social life for me in the future?


2 thoughts on “Now…back to Sleep

  1. I have stopped worrying about my sleep; sometimes I wake up around two. Two hours later I might go back to sleep or not. This life without having to get up to go to work makes sleeping or not sleeping irrelevant. I turn on the radio, listen to BBC, those British voices are soporific.

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