A White Day Lily

Yes, I have a white day lily or at least I did last year. It’s a kind of miracle plant. I bought it from Red Lane Gardens here in PEI and it blossomed a year or two and then it disappeared. It didn’t come up for a couple of years, so I thought it was gone.
Then we had men come to work on the house foundation and I had to move all the lilies I had next to the house. I did so. Last year the white day lily appeared! What kind of plant is this? I assumed that it would be delicate since to breed a white day lily would be difficult and it would make the plant rather fragile.
I still don’t understand how the tuber can stay alive and well in the ground and not put forth green fronds. Maybe it did but I thought they were from a new tuber from one of my other day lilies.
This year I have my eye on a day lily with only one stalk with buds on it. I’mm sure it’s the white day lily and eventually we’ll have fresh white blossoms. I hope before we leave.


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