Well, they’ve all gone and left us alone. Finally. Of course, I feel a little let down. Couldn’t they have gone one at a time? Instead they leave in a group, 2 or 4 at a time.
Our daughter and her family were the last to leave this morning. She spent hours cleaning and getting the old house to rights again. We’ll half close it up and let Coleen and Norm finish it, along with the plumber. He’s been here already. Our cold water tank sweats. I thought all cold water tanks sweat, but no, they are not supposed to. So the plumber wrapped some kind of aluminum foil around it.
And of course, it’s cloudy with rain forecast tomorrow. But! I have my novels to read and the library is open tomorrow and Saturday if I need more. There’s always more. I’ll soon cheer up again.
Now to check our airline reservation.


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