For my birthday, I got a call from my granddaughter, Amanda, and she has a new job. I told her it was great to learn so many different skills and stuff from different jobs. Later I reminisced with myself over the jobs I had and tried to write about them.
It was too dull. But the jobs weren’t: working behind a candy counter at a local movie house,bus girl at the hotel in Danbury, Connecticut. Then, after I finished my first year of college, as a summer attendant at Newton State Hospital; next summer at a blade factory, packing blades and being bored and, after my junior year, working as a second tipper in a hat factory. Never will forget that last job. It was the only one at which I was a failure. And didn’t care, although my brother who worked there got me the job.
Now that I’ve reviewed them, I’m not sure I want to go into much detail about them. Somehow they are far in the past.
I’ll have to try writing about one, at least. I’ll get back to you.


1 thought on “Jobs

  1. Dear ELINOR, Rejoice! You finally got me to use a cursed computer device for the first time in my whole life!! You wrote me not to call you until you call me first, I’ve been waiting. But your blogs have been a ” bit” on the humorous side and a bit depressing. I found this especially true when you write about the crowd driving away from you you in P.E.I.. It brought back the same feelings I had when I spent every damn sumner of my livable life in New Hampshire. I remember feeling loneliness creep in as the cars went down the driveway, and suddenly it would be so deadly quiet, and I don,t like deadly quit especially when I’m In the prone of my life – no kids – nothing to stop me except no nearby friends – no place to go and take a deep breath and laugh with someone!
    So, your blogs hit a note – a little off key!
    How are you? Can we get together? Or do you still have some demons to put in order? Love, Dorothy
    P.S. Can we make phone calls? If so, you first.

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