My “Replica”…

my backup to my hard drive, is not connected. I always hope it will work anyway. I do a little voodoo dance, put some feathers on my head and mutter some helpful curses: “May your teeth fall out if you don’t copy my data; may your Mother turn into a Dodo bird and become extinct; may your father have invested all his money with Bernie Madoff.” That kind of thing.

It doesn’t work. I have to plug it into one of the USB ports. I want to save those ports for when I want to plug something in. You know, my ipod (which I haven’t used since August) or my camera (I can download pictures, but then what?) or my new weather station.

Long pause.

First of all, it doesn’t plug into a computer. It would probably help it a lot, but no go. Second, I want to do something to my LaCrossetechnology weather station, but it’s more along the line  of smashing-it-under-my-foot.

Stop right there. All will be well. my son will be here at Christmas and he will make it all better. Yes, he will.

Meanwhile, I’ll plug in my Replica. Calm ensues.


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