My new heroine is Olga Kotelko. I want to do the long jump and throw a javelin and the hammer. Olga did those things . She did them this year, 1914. She was 94 when she died this past summer.

She is the star of Bruce Grierson’s book, What Makes Olga Run? released this year.

I’ve never had this urge before. Why now? I’m not 94 or near it. Both my parents died at 96 but i never caught them throwing the hammer. But then, they didn’t live with me. Perhaps when they were alone…. Olga sometimes (often) entered eleven events at the Master’s Races. Those are meets for people over 70.  She won over two hundred  awards for being the best in her age group.

And scientists are keeping track of some super adults over 80. But you have to be free of any of the major downers: heart disease, cancer, Alzhheimer’s etc.

Well, I could lie. And change my medical records.  Hmm….



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