It’s the 19th and you are begging me for a new post. Not that I got any email but I can know.

I’ve started doing meditation, doing it rather than being in it. I ordered DVD’s from The Great Courses on Mindfulness. Meditation leads to it, or is the way you experience it. You get me. First I learned how to sit–no back touching the chair, if you are in a chair instead of on a cushion, etc., and pay attention to your breath. Only to the breath.

You know all this even if you don’t meditate. I’ve tried it before but always felt I’d flunked the quiz. Couldn’t do it.

Now I’m doing about twelve minutes every morning after my tea and journal writing. All that tea isn’t good for mindfulness, but I want to use the time early in the morning when everything is quiet and Bernie is still sleeping.

I was going to call this piece, My Belly, because I seemed to spend so much time on brooding on how it sticks out and how I must lose some pounds if my new pants are to fit me well. And so this piece is about my belly  because I focus on  my breath in my belly.

 I like it.


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