Sleep! That “knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.” And old but concrete simile, as long as you know what ravelled means–shaggy, uneven, hanging threads.

Last Spring I saw a sleep doctor and we began solving my inability to get to sleep. He did solve it, but I haven’t yet.  This is January and I’m in Florida in the same cottage we’ve come to for twenty years, at least. So it’s familiar.

but my sleep is topsy-turvy. Tuesday morning I woke at 3:30….

Bah! I’m sick of sleep. Because I’ve discovered what the problem is: My sleep misses my noise machine.  I use it every night at home, set on White Noise or Falling Rain. I turn it low so it won’t be irritating. I didn’t know it actually helped me.

I decided not to pack it and so my sleep ends abruptly. What do I do? I found an electric clock radio beside my bed. Tonight I shall set it to static or a station turned down very low. I should sleep to 6 easily.

You see, I’ve fallen in love with early rising, say 6 or so. It’s very quiet and Bernie is asleep. I get my tea and sit and write in my journal. More tea and more writing. then some breakfast. Lovely.

When I left Brooklyn, CT, I was waking at 7. Will I awake at 6 now when I go home Sunday?


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