My daughter-in-law gave me a gift. It’s a book called My Dysfunctions. It’s published by Knock Knock, “…a trademark of Who’s There, Inc.” Published, where else? In Venice, California.

 At the bottom of every page are four little pictures under “What would make it better today”: a burning cigarette, a martini glass, a pill and a syringe, which at first sight, I thought was a knife. A knife! Not a knife: something to use to inject yourself with a feeling-good liquid. Hm, I never thought of that.

Dysfunctions. Now why did she give me a book about that? I don’t have any dysfunctions. I know I might have had, but that’s in the past. This is the present. And I’ taking a wonderful new drug for my depression.  All that dysfunction stuff is in the past.

Tra la!

Isn’t it?


1 thought on “Dysfuntions

  1. yes, it is. what is this new pill? and can you take it forever? glad you are back for all this wonderful cold weather. j

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