Snow etc.Now, at the end of the same week, we face a milder staor, but no

Talk about poor planning. We leave Fort Myers Beach on a lovely Sunday morning–sunny, breezy, a forecast for the high 70’s–to return to North Eastern Connecticut. where it was promised to be in the twenties–but sunny! And it was. there seemed to be a lot of snow on the ground.

The next day it snowed. And stopped. Just about the time I said, Oh, guess that’s all, it started blizzarding: ferocious wind and snow. And since i hadn’t yet had a chance to do a thorough grocery shopping, we fought our way to the Big House for a hot dinner.

Now, at the end of the same week, we face a milder storm, but one that lasts for several days. Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, we’ll have sun again. And what do I see on my handy weather station by LaCrosseTech? It’s -3 out there at 5:30 am.

Why, oh why am I living here!



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