I Need Spring

I’m waiting for Spring. To dust my bedroom, to get my dahlias out of the cellar and pot them, to take a walk every day outside without needing a hat and scarf and  and a mask across my face so the wind won’t bite me. I’m tired of waiting for Spring. I thought it was here Sunday.

Nope. The sun was shining but the cold Northwest wind was cutting. Yesterday I went out. I’d come to the conclusion that anything above -8 was a treat. Nope. 50 degrees isn’t 79 degrees if there’s a wind. I want to just go and walk and ignore the temperature reading on my Weather Station, but it’s like the elephant in the room: impossible to ignore.

I was getting ready to put the kitty litter away that I use for our icy steps, but luckily I didn’t. It snowed Saturday night and I needed it Sunday morning.  I’m sure most of you are looking at your blooming daffodils and on my garden there was still snow yesterday.

It can only improve. Right? The sun is shining and so far it is 34 degrees. Surely itll be 70 this afternoon.


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