The New Smoking

It must be nice to be normal, that is to not have fibromyalgia. But then, I decided long ago that fibromyalgia was a blessing. In disguise, of course. .Big disguise, clever disguise, nearly impenetrable disguise. And it took me awhile to discover it, I admit.

But since sitting is the new smoking–it’s one of those sayings you need to approach backwards–I am way ahead of my peers, my cohort. I would rather they be neck to neck with me in our devotion to exercise, including strength training. I’d like to have a lot of people to approach one hundred with, to see who’s the last standing. Or last hunched over in a wheel chair.

I’m more aware of all this as I live in a community of older folks and I have the unpleasant unwanted task of watching them start using a walker, then a wheelchair and then disappear. I have a fear that I might be like them. I’m having trouble getting back my energy after spending the month of February in our house. And now I’ve taken on the task of a new i phone. It feels heavier than the eight pound weight I use to work on my biceps.

All will be well, Elinor. Just do your weights and your walk, and…yoga, too. And exercises for my legs so I can get rid of a sore muscle, and doing the plank to get my core to work better. Is that it? No, my legs in general need stenghening so I can walk further.       Hmmm.


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