Isn’t it fun to discover while making plans for international travel (is flying to Canada international travel? Of course it is, but it feels like going to a large room in one’s house that is lovely but seldom used.)

International travel, as I was saying, and discover that your passport expires in five days?

Lots of excitement. But saved by a phone call to our son, who said, “RushMyPassport!”

Ok!  And I feel the excitement build. I go online (of course) and fill out a questionnaire and give my credit card number.

Oops! I didn’t save the questionnaire. I cal RMPassport  and am informed that a different online questionnaire needs to be filled out–a Government one. Oh my.

Back to it–do it and print it. (Printer was still working then.) Along with four other pages. I also print a checklist of what I need to put in my pouch. The checklist is not a government sheet but a RMP sheet.

No, I’m not a kangaroo. It refers to a UPS pouch, available at any UPS drop-off station. (Not.) And I ask myself: is it really a pouch, and not an envelope? But it’s still a mystery to me.

I have two snapshots of my head done appropriately: top of head not cut off, color of eyes showing and sneer on my lips. The sneer is not what I was aiming for. I was attempting to smile, in a friendly way. I also need a check to the Department of State (U.S.) and my old passport.  Hm. I see my hair was retreating 10 years ago.

Now! I call a telephone number and a man leads me through my checklist and I check it for the second time. I sign the State Department sheet and the RMP sheet. I need to copy my itinerary for July and August. Our daughter, Sara did the July part and our daughter-in-law, Karen did the August part. Now the printer acts up. Does it not approve of international travel, or perhaps it was the State Department. Practicing voodoo on it, it coughs up the documents. Why does it groan so?

I’m ready!

But where is the UPS drop-off station? I drive up and down Wauregan Road in Brooklyn. No such thing in sight. Bernie says it’s in Danielson. Oh. But Sunday I find the other Danielson one, lurking in the dark under Bonneville’s Pharmacy’a porch. It looks abandoned the way Bonneville’s does. All closed up and out of business.

No pouch so I put my items in a large envelope and affix the mailing label with many warped pieces of sealing tape. My fingers keep getting stuck in the tape.

But it’s done and I put it in the drop-in box.  Whew! Any week now I’ll be getting my passport.


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