My Clothes…

are harassing me. I went wild in January in Fort Myers Beach and bought not only new clothes, but different clothes: tops wit wide necklines that show my bra straps. Horrors! Now they sit in my closet saying nasty things to me:When are you going to wear me? You never pay attention to us. We’re just hanging here, stretching ourselves and you don’t have the nerve to wear us!

No, it’s not that. Well, mostly it’s not that. It’s that I lost several pounds in January and bought two pairs of pants that don’t fit me now. Wait! I’ll try them on.

(Time passes.)

They do fit, kinda. How much weight did I lose in Florida? I had no scales to weigh myself on.And now that I have lost weight again they seem a little tight, as though they were designed for a slimmer body in general. And I can’t wear tight clothes, if they’r tight in the legs.

I was caught up in the dazzle of clothes on sale–way on sale–60% off, 80% off at Tanger factory outlet stores. I was as certain as can be that I was saving money. Wasn’t I?

I’ll wear the pants and a grey top today to go out to lunch with our son-in-law. Then I wont hear them whining any more.



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