I’ve always had trouble…

with annoying-to-outright-bad people. I want to straighten them out, get them to see the light and reform. In these mini-dramas that go on in my head, I’m able to get them to agree with me,  with everybody thanking me. Including the culprit, of course.

I perceive myself to be strong and stalwart–just someone you can rely on to cure your problems.

The problem now is a woman who lives in our retirement community and annoys and angers people, and even seems to be hated by some, if they are required to spend time with her–at a dining room table, for example, That’s what is happening now. Two members of a three person table have come to hate…I’ll call her Persimmon. Persimmon is the fourth at the table.

Persimmon seems to drive people away from their tables and even from the dining room.

Pause. (Time, not too much of it, passes.)

I just heard that Persimmon might be going to the 5:30 o’clock dinner soon. Hallelujah! She’s antagonized most of our 4:00 o’clock diners. No longer will her wheelchair block us in the hallway as we try to shamble our way to the dining room. That’ll be pleasant. And I won’t have to dread her approach to our table where we have an empty place. She passes us on her way to sit with the aggrieved women. They won’t need my help now and I have no need to be strong, fearless and good.



3 thoughts on “I’ve always had trouble…

  1. I remember you talking about the annoying person at dinner. Reading a book A Touch of Stardust by Kate Alcott or real name Patricia O’Brien, second wife of the late Frank Mankiewicz and her picture looks amazingly like Nancy. An ok book using Hollywood as a back drop and Frank’s family house included. Have a good summer with the kiddies. The girls and I go to NY July 16. Dana able to stay a month this trip. j

  2. I’ve decided that you need a pen name. It has worked for others before. are you at your summer home? I’m at mine, same ol’ same ol. j

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