I’m going away on Tuesday for six weeks. Yes, I am. So I started packing several days ago.

Now packing  really means dumping things on the bedroom floor. Since I have clothes in Prince Edward Island where we’re going, I don’t need to pack many. Instead there are things like my Weather-boy, a mini weather station which tells me the temperature outside every a.m. and the time and temperature inside, plus the phase of the moon, etc. It’s a must-have.

Then there’s decisions to make: do I bring one  pair of reading glasses or two? If I bring my ipod, I don’t need my portable CD player, do I? Do I bring my MELT balls to work my hands and keep them supple?  Yes. And my new coral-colored shorts, that I bought in Fort Myers Beach: do I bring them? Of course. Never know when I’ll meet a top to match.

It’s Sunday and I’ve selected tops and my new hat: white, made of some thick material that won’t allow the sun on my face, head or neck. Hurrah! I bought a second hat and though it works at keeping the sun off myself, it’s made of some cheap straw and won’t pack. At least it isn’t made of paper which some of the hats at TJ Max were made of. Actually I wanted one but they were too big.

And now when it’s almost time to go, the weather here is perfect.  Oh, well, the sun will shine there too.


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