Finally!  Sun and dry cool air from the North. We’ve been here a week and this is the first day of really clear air. On heavy days (humidity), my energy level is low and my asthma perks up. Yesterday was one of those. and we were expecting the exterminator: too many cluster flies. He came and sprayed and  sprayed and we had to stay in our warm, extra-warm house all closed up. Hot!

Before he arrived, our bathroom sink leaked all over the floor. Mop and squeeze, mop and squeeze. I used a rag to soak it up and squeeze into a bucket. The plumber is due this morning, so all shall be well.

Later…. Bonanza! Nothing wrong with the plumbing. the kids let the water overflow through the escape ole at the top pf the sink so it went into the wooden pull-out tray under the sink and from there to the floor. So–our plumbing is excellent and the kids learned about the water escape hole.

And it’s still cool!


1 thought on “Finally!

  1. Dear Elinor, we enjoy your escapades. Hope everything goes well now. Mine are too boring to write about. Love Dorothy

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