It’s Raining

It’s chilly here–63 degrees when I last looked, with steady clouds which sometimes rain, sometimes mist and sometimes break into a rare patch of blue.Everyone here in Prince Edward Island complains about the Spring, not the winter when they had 13 feet of snow.

The Spring, they say, was cold. Instead of raking their lawns in April, they couldn’t do it until June. And now it’s been cloudy and cold. Instead of my day-lilies blooming the first week of July, the first bloom didn’t come out until July 21st.

Better warmer weather is forecast for this week, but friends, especially those arriving here next weekend, so far today, which was forecast to be partly cloudy, is just more grey clouds.  And that makes it the ninth day of clouds.

I know the weather is boring, but it is so much with us here.There are no trees around the house. The sky whether blue or grey takes up two-thirds of the view outside my window. then there’s evergreens, the potato field where the potatoes are discreetly blooming and the lawn, freshly mowed. And my day lilies–one sharp shot of rich yellow orange.

They say the weekend will be lovely. Today is Monday.


2 thoughts on “It’s Raining

  1. Dear Elinor, I truly enjoy hearing from you! Weather or no weather! Excuse my typing and my spelling,I either hit too hard or off center. I have been vacationing in my usual place: the. Hospital, of course. I was there for a month and two weeks of rehab. So all your complaints sound very lovely to me.Except for the house break in. I can sympathize with you.
    love, Dorothy

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