Problem Solved: See B Below for Buddha

Got Problems? Consult the Buddha. What Buddha? The famous one whose statues are all over Asia.

I met the Buddha through a Great Courses DVD about Mindfulness meditation. In the past, I’d tried transcendental meditation. And it didn’t work: I’m too  impatient. Mindfulness meditation was what the Great Courses professor taught–no om-ing.

In mindfulness meditation, yous simply let your mind notice your thoughts and LET THEM GO! As you might surmise, I have a little trouble letting them go. I grip them and start gnawing  on them, even if they are the barest old dried bones of an idea. Usually I start mentally writing a scenario with me in the lead, carefully and victoriously solving the problem inherent in the scene. Even if it was a long-dead puzzle

So every morning I sit in and East window and meditate for 15 to 20 minutes. (I need an East window to regulate my sleep.) As I’ve been doing it since January, I’ve started to have some success in discovering answers to problems, all simple but satisfying. They just appear. And make sense.

Besides this, meditation is so very relaxing. Despite my rambunctious mind, my body completely relaxes.

And that, my friend are results to savor.


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