Bernie’s At the Nursing Home…

…now and he doesn’t like it. Of course we don’t call it by that name anymore. It’s Pierce Care which includes us in our independent care cottage. It certainly looks like a nursing home and feels like a nursing home. He’s getting physical therapy (that’s the care part) but they don’t have sessions every day so he has to wait to Monday to start. He had an evaluation and he’s getting help for his walking, etc by a program for Parkensonism which is a kind of bastard child of Parkinson’s. The idea is that he was taking smaller and small steps whereas he needs to take bigger steps to give him a wider base.

So the exercises will work his legs with leg lifts, etc but encourage him to think Big! instead of crouching down further and further to the floor. I notice he’s sitting up straight now. He hasn’t been creeping around long enough to round his back.

Anyway his telephone number is 860-779-4484. He has one good hearing aid and I hope this week will bring another one. it’s the thought that counts. Isn’t it?


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