Unsettled Mind…

means unsettled life. I’m still a kind of overseer of my husband’s recovery. I don’t do any work, real work, but keep the schedule of visits filled in. I made a Monday to Friday schedule and we have it on our kitchen counter. The aides can fill in their times or we do.

I recall what my then elder-counselor said when I’d taken on the task of supervising my parents in their last years. They needed so many aides. She said, I know this is difficult for you, particularly as you have an older husband to care for sometime in the future. He was only 67 then, so I could suppress that thought immediately.

Now here I am, bandaging his arm, checking his appointments: physical therapist, nurse, occupational therapist–calling their office when they don’t show up. Everyone says that our firm of home health aides is the best. They are good when they are here.

Now, should I make out a schedule for B’s exercises?  He does leg exercises with the physical therapist and arm exercises with the occupational therapist. I could write it all out.

Will that mean he does them?


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