My Small Special Postcard Collection…

Recently I found a collection of postcards I saved, a special collection of postcards all from my husband..

After I met Bernie for the first time in Kenosha, Wisconsin, we parted in Chicago at the airport with plans to meet in Minneapolis after my teaching at Kemper hall, Kenosha was over. I was teaching a six week Developmental Reading Course.

I flew to Minneapolis for a weekend of art museums and jazz clubs. We  separated again, me to return to Greenwich, Connecticut to report to headquarters and Bernie to finish his teaching stint at Faribault School in Faribault, Minnesota. We wrote each other letters until Bernie hit the road.

He started a drive around the Midwest, visiting private schools and colleges selling Baldridge Reading Services reading programs. The postcards I treasure are from the cities and towns he drove to and through from May 8 to May 24. He drove to Michigan, Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, Dallas, where he saw an opera, Indiana, Lexington, Missouri and a bunch of towns in Missouri with private schools.

In the collection I also have a postcard of Lake Tahoe in Nevada that I’d found in  my Ford. I’d driven it from Berkeley, California to Bethel, Connecticut and must have picked up the card in Reno, Nevada where I stopped for lunch. The card was slipped into a mailing to Bernie somewhere along his route. I wrote on the card that I was tired of postcards and wanted to talk with him. In a later postcard, he agreed with me.

On a card from Grange, Indiana, he wrote only this Latin: Incipit vita nuova  which translates to :”Begins a new life”.

And so we did.


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