PARDON ME but Nightclubs comes before The Wedding. Sorry


Bernie and I didn’t gad about every night, but we did need to go out for dinner every night. There was a fancy cafeteria that had good food we went to often. It was cheap which was a plus. Supposedly Milton Berle and his wife sometimes ate there.

Milton Berle! Does anyone know who he is? And Dan Dailey–a tall good-looking blond guy who danced in the movies, as the second string dancer. We passed him one night when we were out, ready to visit our favorite nightclub starring Nino Tempo. Dailey was drunk and had a good-looking blonde by the hand. I suddenly realized I hadn’t seen him in a movie in some time.

Sometimes Anne, our new employee, joined us for a pub crawl. We never crawled very far. She like Nino and went “backstage” to get his autograph. Instead she met him coming out of the men’s room, zipping himself up. She decided against asking for his autograph.

And one night while we were dining in the restaurant Oscar Levant dined in, while Anne had gone to the ladies room, Bernie proposed.

Yes! I said, Yes!

Anne came back. I told her we were engaged and we started planning the wedding.

“Wedding!” said Bernie, staring at me, looking half  happy and half alarmed.

I calmly told him that that was what a proposal meant.But we didn’t talk of it any more that night.

He had looked so surprised.



1 thought on “PARDON ME but Nightclubs comes before The Wedding. Sorry

  1. So now the blog is coming up on email? Do you get responses on it? I enjoy getting it and who else does? Do the kids read it? and in answer to a question of yours, yes, I do still play tennis. How are your days? Visits to Bernie? doctors? fun? Last night I had Pat Martin to dinner along with ex- Mario, Stahis, a man from Cyprus who used to work with Osvaldo, and his wife. Interesting how now Pat and Mario can act like old aquaintaines, not friends really, but it was comfortable for everyone I think. Pat’s son Robert and wife came later and interesting dynamics. I have so much food left over. Ginia is coming up tomorrow and we’re going to Joanna’s and then to see Joey’s new house 10 minutes away from parents. I’ll take the food up there. j

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