My Baltimore Boyfriends

…as though I had so many. There was Bernie J. who worked at the Welfare Department, as did Bruce F.

I always thought that Bernie was a serious boyfriend but as I think back now, I can’t remember what we did together. There must have been dates, weren’t there? And yet I can remember Bruce and the time i was his guest at a dance at his former college somewhere in Virginia. Or Maryland. I only remember a Southern girl saying I had a hard Northern voice, or something like that. She had a Southern accent but not one of the soft, sweet ones.

Sitting here on a dull February afternoon, I don’t believe Bernie was even a good boyfriend. Although he later declared he loved me. I found that letter in the same envelope I found my Bernie’s postcards.

A better boyfriend was Ivan. One evening, I’d walked to the Baltimore Public Library and found a copy of James Thurber. Thurber was always good for a laugh so I found a comfortable seat and began reading. Every few minutes I’d laugh. I’d try to hold it in, but it was difficult.

After awhile, I returned the book to the shelves and left the library. A short distance from the library a young man approached me and introduced himself himself. He said he had seen me enjoying my book. We began talking and he asked me out. Sure. Why not?

We had several dates including one to visit a friend with a new record player and two speakers!! Stereophonic sound. We listened to music with stereophonic sound and without. It was exciting, although more for the owner than for me.

My date with Charlie from Yale didn’t turn out well. Bob was too young and Warren, who took me and my new roommate, Charlotte, sailing, was really and old beau of Sylvia’s

When I left, Bernie gave me a great party. And my friends at my office gave me a farewell party after work one afternoon. The only unsegregated place in Baltimore that we could meet socially was the Pennsylvania Railroad Station. We put tables together and had a party. But the big room was empty except for us. Not so many parties at five in the afternoon on a hot June day.


1 thought on “My Baltimore Boyfriends

  1. There was another Bernie? And Warren? Now I’m hearing about your fun time in Baltimore. If only you hadn’t hated the job(I think you told me once) Waiting to hear from you about time of arrival. No rush. I’m driving my new HRV Honda to Raleigh tomorrow, alone. I asked the Greek American neighbors that you met to go with me as their Barb lives there and I knew she wanted to go. Pete is not doing well and Barb, daughter, won’t be around Friday. I didn’t offer any thing else. I don’t mind going alone. And once there, Joe and Joanna arrive and the party starts. They can only stay until Sunday but I wanted to stay another day and see a place where they take Andrew for some learning. It’s free, hoping for volunteers from families, and when I saw it last year it seemed good for him. We’ll see. j

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